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About Smart Media shorts

Starting as a Tree Service Website developer and social media Market director for HTS Management for over 5 years found many flaws and limitations of a old mindset. Seeing the potential of social media, and google yearly policy changes Lucas De La Vega, created Smart Media shorts | affordable Website & Graphic design to provide new options for small businesses that work utilizing google, websites and social media.

Our Vision

Smart Media shorts sole purpose is to help small business redefine themselves and build our clients' brand with a proper foundation for our clients to have a online presence.  Creating affordable ways to market and manage their company.

Website & Graphic Design

We offer Professional business website design and hosting, with SEO content(based on the content provided by clients and industry competitors). We properly link your social media and Google Business profile to your websites and properly format them each to have the most optimized SEO to build online Presence. We offer Graphic Design Services like Video Typography and logo designs to incorporate your Business. 


Smart Media shorts | Web Design & Graphic Design
AMAZING websites, with SEO based content designed to help you rank.


Smart Web Design

We build affordable mobile responsive websites for small businesses and online stores in the Houston TX Area. We Build contents based off our clients needs and use SEO research to develop content. We develop the site image off of your current Branding or will create one (additional Pricing may apply)

Our sites are built on 3 different platforms at 3 different tiers. 

  • Our Smart Basic Tier 

Weebly Based platform with 1 year Hosting

After 1st year, each year after is 135 annually, 

includes 2 page updates a month.

Free QRC code hosted app

  • Our Smart Premium  Tier

Wix based Platform with 1 year hosting

After 1st year, each year after is 170 annually, 

includes 2 page updates a month.

Free QRC code hosted app

  • Our Smart Elite Tier

WordPress based Platform with 1 year Hosting

After 1st year, each year after is 170 annually, 

includes 2 page updates a month.

Free QRC code hosted app

Create what your brand Needs

We will analyse your digital foot print, build a check list of things needed to properly rank and market your business on a planned budget. We will correct content and edit SEO to focus more on area on your website to rank higher in a local search. Build several options for marketing and keep it within a budget you set.

In some cases Smart Media shorts | Website & Graphic Design offers a comprehensive Digitial Illustrations that can build a new brand or Re-Branding an already existing IP. We offer services ranging from Logo Design, Logo Vectorization, Build video for advertising (based off of owner images and videos). We help guide our clients with New image content with seasonal packages all designed to build a community and project sales.


Quick  Website build Turn Around

We Keep our website design simple, while we design your business websites to your desires, we always recommend keeping the site clutter free, and create engaging content to rank a site. The idea is to have a fast loading site that can perform the task you need to be successful.  You will always hear " content is king " from a professional in our industry. This is very true as site full of clutter and no organization can lower the chance of a potential lead or sale. Our sites usually have a 3 to 5 days turnaround for our simple sites (note the more content you provide the better the site content will be, you are the expert of your trade) from the time ordered, unless its a online store or a site that requires more than 4 site pages and longer turn around.

Smart Media Shorts Web Design

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