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Smart 3d Modeling

Welcome to My 3d Modeling Page!
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A side passion

Hello my name is Lucas De La Vega I am the owner and the graphic designer behind Smart Media shorts. I wanted to have the freedom of doing the things I enjoy and try an make a buck or two doing it. What I want to offer in my 3d Page is the option to create sculpted 3d files for you.

What Kind of Models do You offer?

Anything, from creating a character of your portrait and add it to anything from a simple normal pose to a superhero stuff! Maybe You might be into Dungeons and Dragons and want a personalized miniature of your Avatar.

What ever your idea is I can create for a small fee. 


Our 3d Modeling Page

We also have a 3d model Shop

We also have a Very Young 3d model shop, and will have monthly or weekly updates to the catalog.

All files are functional for 3d printing. We can offer obj of the file if requested after purchasing the STL. 

How it works
Smart Media shorts 3d modeling

Let's Have some Fun With 3d Modeling

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